The Aunties' Old School Nursery was established in 1989 by a loving, close-knit family and exceptionally caring staff team (The Aunties).  As loving, concerned parents we set up the  nursery for our own children nearly 29 years ago. Twenty-five years later, after completing his education, our younger son joined the family business, and is looking forward to his own child joining the nursery 30 years' after its inception.  Thus, three generations of the family will be in situ continuing to strive to ensure that standards remain at the highest possible levels.

The Aunties' settings are uniquely run as a single family entity with the same ethos, leadership and management, policies, procedures, resources, care, education, and even rotating staff throughout. Fundamentally, The Aunties' philosophy is that children flourish when genuinely loved and respected in a family situation that helps them to realize how special they are. Not only children benefit in such a family-like situation, but also parents who come to experience real peace of mind when their children are 'at The Aunties'.

The Aunties' focus on doing little things with great love, creating an atmosphere in which both children and parents feel genuinely welcomed and valued. The Aunties provide first-class care and education within a safe, happy, interesting, family-oriented environment in which each child is encouraged to develop its full potential whilst having LOTS OF FUN! The  young children (ranging from birth to four plus years) in our care are persuaded to develop lively, enquiring, imaginative minds, to enjoy learning, and to develop their social and personal life skills.

The Aunties place great emphasis on making the Nursery warm, kind and loving, where special care is taken to ensure that each child feels nurtured and cherished. The Aunties fully realize the vital necessity of guiding children well in their formative years; thus, by means of warm, positive encouragement we stimulate children’s natural enthusiasm for life and their desire to understand the world around them.

Children are kindly encouraged to appreciate the need to take responsibility for the care of the natural environment we enjoy.  For example, we have, since our inception, always been a genuine "outdoors" nature nursery, making full use of the varied outdoor areas available to us in ALL weathers, for many hours at a time (from mid-Spring to mid-Autumn, we will be outside for the entire 10 hours of our day!).  The Aunties go to great lengths to ensure that the children are able to enjoy doing as much as possible outside - for as long as possible each day - being thoughtfully attired and so wholeheartedly able to embrace the elements as a sensory exprience! 

In addition, the children and Aunties are pro-active recyclers, vegetable gardeners, wildlife watchers (for example - via our webcam, we avidly study the birds). Such a positive atmosphere very successfully helps to foster many individual talents and confidence and helps each child to realize that we each have an important part to play in the fabric of life.

The Aunties' philosophy is founded on a belief that children play and learn best within a genuinely loving and stimulating environment. The Aunties believe that happy children give of their best and achieve their full potential; in short, laughing children learn! The Aunties aim to teach each child the invaluable skill of 'dancing joyously in the rain'- both literally and metaphorically.  The Aunties strive to give both children and parents a delightful, never-to- be-forgotten experience of the precious and unique nursery and pre-school years.

Please come and see for yourself the inspired, loving and family-run approach that is unique to The Aunties.