The Aunties - A Kaleidoscope of Colour, Joy and Love

Through the white gate overhanging with pretty pink flowers to the Aunties' house which my son describes as being “the colour of ice cream”

A doorbell knee high to allow little fingers to reach

A happy tune and a warm welcome with smiling Aunties who always greet Mums and Dads and little ones alike with friendly hugs


A room for small ones to stow wellies and coats, hats and red outdoor suits protecting them from the mud, rain and snow

All the children dressed alike, like one big Aunties’ family

A place where Mums and Dads wave to their children knowing that they will be safe and well cared for but free to explore and grow


A large information board keeps Mums and Dads updated and becomes part of the spectacular splendour of colour that is overwhelming to the senses

Mums and Dads are dazzled by the artwork created by little hands

Small faces beam with the thought of more painting and drawing, gluing and sticking knowing that their efforts will be praised and applauded        


Smiling faces await as the little ones enter into the ‘grotto’ of activity that is at the heart of the Aunties beloved house of adventure

Little imaginations are ignited and filled with fun and discovery

Joining the train around the room all holding on tightly or sitting patiently before counting to 50 or singing a song before taking a bite, then ready to sleep


Through the white gate and into the garden, down a winding pathway, past the leafy vegetable patches and up to a wooden bridge

Over the tree-lined bridge with billowing trees

Hidden tunnels and places to explore, climbing and jumping, running and playing in wind and rain, snow and sunshine, faces beaming and laughter erupting

Thank you Aunties for so much!     T's Mum xxx 


From an Auntie about The Aunties:

"We are a FAMILY!" - We share sadness and joy together
We share memories and dreams together
We share love and kindness together
We play and work hard together
Together, we are a FAMILY!" (April 2016)
To The Aunties ......

"To The Aunties who helped us to write and read
Who took us to the Pick-Your-Own on a lead
Who cooked delicious things with us
And even took us on a bus.

You took us into the woods to play
Nearly every single day.
In the summer you cooked BBQs for everyone
Where we'd run around and have plenty of fun.

We'd come home and sing like birds
And our parents would try and guess the words.
Even when I forgot my lunch
You would sort me out with plenty to munch.

There have been three happy Bs

At The Aunties' Old School Nursery

But we'll be back to visit, yes siree! "  

                                          By H.B. (aged 8 years)


"Aunties can do anything! ......"

Aunties can do anything......
With playdough, boxes, ... bits of string.
They teach you manners, how to write,
And even if you do not quite,
Get to grips with ABC,
Somehow they'll have you reading easily!

They've lots of expertise at baking
Cakes, pizza, pasta and making
Sure all hands are washed,
And arguments are quickly squashed.

And their singing you should hear.
The children flock from far and near
And unanimously choose
Their soprano take on 'Shoes'.
And you might just catch a short refrain
Of an Auntie singing in the rain!

At re-creating works of art
The Aunties have a clear head start
By using general house-hold waste,
And lots and lots of pots of paste.
But would the inexperienced eye
Distinguish which came first, or why?

The Aunties entertain with glee
Their puppet shows for all to see.
They thought it was a jolly wheeze
To take us picking strawberries,
Pulled along upon a trailer .....
But that wasn't half as good
As riding tea-trays in the wood.

Aunties thermal insulation
Could save the fuel bills of the nation.
Socks on hands (not just one pair)
Prepare one for the bracing air.

Apart from cheerfulness and poise,
And tolerating lots of noise,
The secret of the Aunties lies
In their ability to love and to improvise,
And you can learn a trick or two
Of what to do with 'No Nails Glue'!

Thanks for giving us all a good start ...... "                



"Everyone needs a FUNTIE (Fun + Auntie) because Funties are so much fun!"! xxx

B's favourite things to do at The Aunties:

1.  Playing in the house

2.  Singing

3.  Dressing up

4.  Outside in the Woods

5.  Gardening

6.  Writing and colours

7.  Playing with my friends

8.  Bouncing

9.  Love and cuddles with my Aunties

Dear Aunties, Thank you very much for looking after me so brilliantly for four years.  Here are some of the things that I've loved about being at nursery:

  • "Playing with Freddie in the tunnel that's a caterpillar;
  • Playing in the house;
  • Having lunch and tea;
  • Cooking scones;
  • Aunty Trish  teaching me about bodies, blood and teeth;
  • Aunty Sandy and Aunty Sue hugging me;
  • Story time (except when people came in front of me);
  • Feeding and reading to the babies;
  • Playing Toy Story in the woods with Henry and Freddie and being Jessie;
  • Catching frogs and wasps in Freddie's sandwich box".

I will miss you LOTS!  Love, I.C.


"To Aunty Sandy and all the other Aunties, Thank you for nearly four years of nurturing, playing, teaching, baking, singing, cycling, bouncing, painting, making, story-telling, puppet shows, 'Down at the Station', 'There was a Princess Long Ago', planting, cuddling and kissing. Lots of love, CWB"